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ATILIM WingTsun- Escrima WinterCamp'23 for Assistants & Instructors

ATILIM GYM will be hosting ATILIM WingTsun-Escrima WinterCamp'23 on 23-27 December 2023. The camp will be instructed by Sifu AKIN, Founder and Chief Instructor of ATILIM.

Regular camps are open for the participation of students. However, this camp will be a new format. It is only for assistants and instructors or for the ones who want to be and assistant and start teaching ATILIM WingTsun- Escrima.

Sifu AKIN will be teaching one student program each day. In addition to in-person participation, this camp will also be open to online participation. This way, participation will not be limited to ATILIM members in the Netherlands.

You are an assistant or instructor and want to sharpen your skills, or you want to start teaching ATILIM WingTsun-Escrima, hurry up to register the camp.


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