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ATILIM KIDS WingTsun StudentSeminar

ATILIM GYM hosted an "ATILIM KIDS WingTsun StudentSeminar" on Sunday, 27 March instructed by Sifu AKIN.

Sihing B.Y. AKIN and Sije Y. AKIN were also ready during the seminar and assisted Sifu AKIN.

StudentSeminars are for the students who finish their curriculum and ready for test. Successful students gets their diploma and start learning new curriculum.

Due to corona restrictions, many ATILIM events had to be canceled. This seminar is important to show the normalization of life. This seminar is the first ATILIM KIDS WingTsun StudentSeminar at the new ATILIM GYM in Amstelveen.

Many students who were not ready for the exam could not join the seminar. However, they will be ready for the next seminar.

Congratulations for our students who passed their exam with success.

Wait for the video of the event...... soon.....

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