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ATILIM GYM to Host Kick Off Meeting of NoDope Project

ATILIM GYM, the leading martial arts and fitness center in Amstelveen, is proud to announce that it will host a KickStart Meeting on 6 January 2024 for the project NoDope. NoDope is a collaborative initiative to promote clean and fair sports among young athletes. The consortium consists of four partners from four countries. The consortium members are ATILIM MartialArts & Wellness BV, Vidisport, Colinn, and Trivela Sport.  


The KickStart Meeting will be an opportunity for the project partners, stakeholders, and participants to get to know each other, discuss and plan the project activities, and discuss the expected outcomes and impacts.


The NoDope project aims to raise awareness and prevent the use of performance-enhancing drugs among young athletes in the Netherlands and across Europe. The project will develop a documentary.


The NoDope project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, under the Sport Action.


ATILIM GYM is proud to be among the partners of the NoDope project, as it aligns with its mission and vision to provide high-quality and ethical martial arts and fitness training to its members and society. ATILIM GYM believes that sports can be a powerful tool for personal development, social inclusion, and healthy lifestyle, and that doping undermines these values and harms the integrity and spirit of sports.

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