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DigiLead Portal Introduced to ATILIM GEBZE School Members

On 24 December 2023, Sifu Hasan AKIN, the founder and CEO of ATILIM MartialArts & Wellness Bvand project manager of DigiLead, conducted a dissemination event to introduce the DigiLead online education portal to the members of ATILIM GEBZE School, a private martial arts gym in Gebze, Turkey.

The event was attended by around thirty participants, including the school instructors, assistant instructors and members. The event aimed to raise awareness and interest in the DigiLead online education portal, which offers courses and programs for adult sport coaches who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in various use of digital technologies to improve their capacity.

Sifu AKIN explained the vision and mission of DigiLead, which is to provide high-quality, flexible, and affordable learning opportunities for coaches across the globe. He also demonstrated the features and benefits of the DigiLead online education portal.

Sifu AKIN also shared some experiences of some users who have tested the DigiLead online education portal and enjoyed the content of the modules of the user-friendly design of the portal. He also answered the questions and queries from the participants and invited them to try out the DigiLead online education portal.

The event was well-received by the participants, who expressed their appreciation and curiosity for the DigiLead online education portal. Many of them started to register for the DigiLead online education portal and enrolled in the courses and programs that matched their interests and needs.

The event was a successful example of how DigiLead is reaching out to different audiences and stakeholders to promote and disseminate its online education portal. DigiLead hopes to continue its efforts to expand its network and impact and to provide more learning opportunities for more learners around the world.

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