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Empowering Women: Basic Self-Defense Training by Sifu Hasan AKIN at World House Amsterdam

Updated: Jun 2

Sifu AKIN at World House Amsterdam

On May 30, 2024, World House Amsterdam became a hub of empowerment and resilience as Sifu Hasan AKIN led a basic self-defense training session specifically designed for women. This vital workshop, attended by women from various walks of life, underscored the importance of self-defense skills in enhancing personal safety and confidence.

A Glimpse into the Workshop

The session began with an introduction to the principles of self-defense, where Sifu Hasan AKIN emphasized the significance of awareness, intuition, and assertiveness. He articulated that self-defense is not merely about physical techniques but also about mental preparedness and the ability to recognize and avoid potential threats.

Hands-On Training

Participants were then introduced to fundamental self-defense techniques. The training covered:

1. Basic Strikes and Kicks: Sifu AKIN demonstrated how to deliver effective strikes and kicks, focusing on targeting vulnerable areas of an attacker’s body. These techniques were designed to be simple yet powerful, ensuring that participants could execute them under stress.

2. Escape from Grabs: The session included practical exercises on escaping common grabs and holds. Sifu AKIN taught techniques to break free from wrist grabs, bear hugs, and chokeholds, empowering the women to react swiftly in close-quarter situations.

3. Situational Awareness: Understanding that prevention is the best form of defense, Sifu AKIN guided the participants through various scenarios, teaching them to identify and avoid potential dangers. This aspect of the training highlighted the importance of staying alert and making safe choices in everyday life.

The Importance of Confidence and Empowerment

A key takeaway from the workshop was the boost in confidence among the attendees. Sifu AKIN’s teaching style, combining practical skills with psychological empowerment, left a lasting impact. The participants expressed feeling more capable and prepared to protect themselves, a crucial step towards their overall empowerment.

Feedback from Participants

The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Many appreciated the practical nature of the techniques and the supportive environment fostered by Sifu AKIN. One participant shared, "I feel more confident and prepared to handle situations that I previously feared. Sifu AKIN's training was not just about physical defense but also about believing in my own strength."

Looking Ahead

World House Amsterdam plans to continue offering such empowering workshops, recognizing the ongoing need for self-defense training in fostering a safer community. The success of this session with Sifu Hasan AKIN has set a precedent for future events, aiming to reach more women and equip them with the skills to protect themselves.

In conclusion, the basic self-defense training conducted by Sifu Hasan AKIN on May 30, 2024, was more than just a workshop; it was a step towards building a safer and more confident community of women. By equipping them with essential self-defense skills, the event not only enhanced their personal safety but also reinforced the message that every woman has the right to feel safe and empowered in any situation.


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