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Meeting New Year with a Seminar

ATILIM GYM members welcomed New Year with a ATILIM WingTsun StudentSeminar.

ATILIM GYM members came together on December 31, 2022 for the planned event. The Seminar was instructed by Sifu AKIN. While the students who successfully passed their exam receiving their diplomas, other students kept training to become better.

Following the Seminar, participants enjoyed the cocktail served by ATILIM Leadership. In his remarks Sifu AKIN told " The last day of 2022 was full of training. We hope New Year will bring peace, security and health to all. However, becoming ready is the most important aspect of combatting the bad. You should never feel reluctant. Readiness is the only way to stop the spread of the evil."

ATILIM GYM Amstelveen will host the next StudentSeminar to be instructed by Sifu AKIN in March 2023.


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