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Sifu AKIN was guest of a podcast on DigiLEAD

Finishing the DigiLEAD e-learning platform that focuses increasing digital skills of sports coaches, consortium partners are doing their utmost best to reach the coaches and introduce them the platform.

Recently Sifu Hasan AKIN was the guest of a podcast and he talked about the DigiLEAD project and the platform.

During the podcast he told how they decided to submit the project, how they formed the consortium from four different countries. He also added how they decided the content of the modules. Sifu AKIN emphasized that the project technically finished but the consortium will keep updating the  platform to increase the training topics and details of the modules as part of the sustainability of the project.

He finally extended his thanks and appreciation to Dutch National Agency for Erasmus+ projects, European Commission and the partners who were to among the cause of the successfully ending the project.

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